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What do Brazil, Argentina, France, Switzerland, Italy, and the U.S. all have in common? Their 2014 World Cup teams beat the opposition and moved one step closer to winning the World Cup.  To advance in the World Cup a team needs to be fast, strong, effective and diligent. However, a team of stars does not a championship make; a winning team has to work together, especially in a sport full of quick turnovers and no timeouts.

An effective soccer team must have strong players filling every position. The defenders must be able to adapt, to work together to defend the goal or delay the oppositions attack to get more players behind the ball. Midfielders have to muscle the ball up field, keeping it away from the other team while moving it closer to the strikers. Strikers must have the speed and accuracy to pass defenders and score

So how is a good soccer team like an effective marketing strategy?


Both require multiple components working together in perfect synchronization, always progressing toward a single well-defined goal. If your marketing strategy relies too heavily on only one avenue you may be missing a huge chunk of your audience, like a soccer team relying too heavily on a few key players will score less goals. In the same breath, if you are using multiple marketing avenues but they aren’t communicating a coordinated message, it’s like passing the ball to the wrong team. Your potential customers won’t understand why they should use your product and will look for another product or company to fill their need.

How to develop a winning marketing strategy

Like an effective soccer team, each part of your marketing strategy must work together to accomplish a well-defined goal. Here are four aspects of a marketing plan that are essential to the success of your company.

Media Relations – The Goalie - The Goalie can either be the hero or the villain of the game. He has to perform at his peak every game, week in and week out. The game rests on his shoulders. Likewise, media relations must be a constant factor in any marketing strategy, working to gain your company or product recognition for their successes. A good media relations team can help your company be a hero in the public’s eyes, but if your media relations team is ill-prepared, a crisis could end up portraying your company as a villain.

Advertising – The Defenders- Being a defender requires a special brand of soccer skills. You must be powerful, disciplined and focused. Defenders keep the opposition from dominating the game. They are the base of any soccer team. Powerful, focused advertising drives your message through the opposition and makes you stand out from the competition. Advertising creates a strong brand image that customers will remember.

Social Media – Midfielders - Midfielders are the link between defense and attack. They fall back and push forward as the game demands, providing the flexibility a team needs to move towards the goal but also defend their position. Effective social media is the link between you and your consumers. It provides you with a direct look at your consumer base and what they think about your company, whether they are interested in it or not.

Content Marketing – Strikers - Strikers are the stars of the game, the position every kid on a soccer team dreams of playing. They must be fast and strategic, pushing towards the goal and using their teammates to find an opening and score. Content marketing should be the star of your marketing strategy. Generating content that is important and interesting to your consumers shows that you aren’t peddling a mediocre product, but that your company has a passion for excellence and cares about your consumers.

Yesterday, baseball fans everywhere felt like a little kid on Christmas morning as the first pitches of Major League Baseball season were thrown.  Millions tuned in to watch their favorite teams start the season off on a winning note.  The unique thing about baseball is, there is no salary cap to what teams can spend; if teams are willing to pay it, players can make it.  That’s why many of the big names in baseball end up playing for teams that have serious money to spend, like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.   But is the big money and big market teams necessarily the best route for players to go?  Arguments can be made for both sides, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to say, no (that is unless the player is in it just for the money and not for the love of the game).


To illustrate my point, I’m going to compare two Major League Baseball teams, the Los Angeles Angles and the Oakland A’s. Over the past few years, the Los Angeles Angles organization has spent a pretty penny on bringing in high profile names in attempt to get their team to the World Series.  This season alone, the Angels have one of the highest payrolls in Major League Baseball, at almost $156 million.  The only problem is that their big spending and big names haven’t produced the winning seasons they had hoped for.  They ended up in 10th place during the 2012 season and last year they ended up 17th overall. The Oakland A’s on the other hand, who have the sixth lowest payroll in all of baseball at just over $83 million, don’t necessarily have the big names and big money, but do have the winning season.  For the last two years, the A’s have been the American League West Division Champions and they have the talent to do it again this year.  It just goes to show that bigger isn’t necessarily always better.

The same goes for PR firms.  You have your large and small PR firms, and you have to decide which will be better for your company.  While many would think that going with the large firm is the way to go, that isn’t necessarily true.  While there are definitely benefits going with a large firm, I believe there are unique qualities that small firms bring to the plate that highly benefit the client.

Those benefits include:

  • Smaller size allows for direct access to the CEO/President.
  • The people that pitch new business will also be the force behind your account.  They will have a more personal relationship with you.
  • Team members learn all aspects of the job and don’t just specialize in one category.  This allows for more versatility.
  • A smaller team allows for a more personal touch since you’re working closer with the owner and select team.
  • The team is able to be more flexible and available to work with you on your account.
  • Smaller PR firms are usually cheaper than larger firms, but can produce the same quality of work.
  • A small PR firm is like having another employee, except its cheaper and you get multiple people working on a project instead of just one.

Though there are advantages to having a big name agency working on a project, the benefits and uniqueness of a smaller firm may just be the homerun you’re hoping for.  Just as the Oakland A’s have produced wins as a small market team, a small PR firm can produce the wins necessary to help you reach your communication objectives.  It’s true what they say, great things can come in small packages.

Abducted at knife-point from her home in Salt Lake City and held captive for nine months, Elizabeth Smart faced unimaginable adversity.  Her story is one of the most followed child abduction cases of our time.  Now, 12 years later, Elizabeth will share her courageous story at Heritage school February 6th at 7 p.m.

Smart’s keynote address is part of the first annual ‘Heritage Heroes’ Fundraising Dinner.  Her speech will not only tell her personal story, but also discuss topics such as overcoming adversity, the importance and process of recovery, and not allowing your past to dictate your life’s future. Smart knows that there is nothing more important than having hope in a difficult situation.

Before Smart’s keynote address, she will be visiting with Heritage School’s “This Girl” program. The “This Girl” program was developed to empower young women receiving treatment at Heritage and to help them recognize their self worth.  Heritage has approximately 60 girls currently in the program and this year the participants of the program have chosen to focus on one topic per month.  Each month will bring different speakers, workshops, and activities focusing on the chosen topics.

Elizabeth will speak February 6, at 7 p.m. at the Loveland Performing Arts Center at Heritage School, 5600 N. Heritage School Drive, Provo.  All proceeds from the evening will benefit Heritage School’s therapeutic programs for at-risk youth.  Tickets for the fundraising dinner and keynote address can be purchased online at www.heritagertc.org/elizabethsmart  or by calling 801-226-4663.



Once again, the holidays have quickly passed by and we find ourselves in a new year. With this new year comes reflection and opportunity; reflection on the accomplishments and difficulties over the past year and how learning from them leads to new opportunities. Reflecting and looking over the past year is a way that individuals learn and grow from their successes and mistakes; it’s how they push themselves to achieve new heights. Businesses should also take time to step back and reflect on the events of the previous year that affected their company.

Running a business is no walk in the park. If you were to ask any successful business owner if they have ever made a mistake they would most definitely laugh and say “of course”. Mistakes will come naturally in a business, but it’s what you learn from those mistakes and how you correct them going forward that leads to new opportunities. The beginning of the year is a good time for companies to review and make changes where necessary. Improving upon customer engagement and creating new business development will help lead any company to a successful year. In addition, companies should continually monitor ways to connect with their key publics. This practice of an internal review helps keep things fresh and ensures the company is doing everything it can to become more profitable and visible.

To start 2014 on a high note, The Walton Group, Inc. is hosting a free seminar to help businesses develop and fine tune their strategic communication plans. The seminar will be highlighting different techniques and tools necessary to help businesses become more visible, engage with customers, and create new business opportunities. The seminar will be held at the Riverside Country Club in Provo on January 23rd, 2014. To find out more information and register for the event go to http://bit.ly/1bCt8zB

Tomorrow families will be together, barbecues will be cooking, and fireworks will be blasting hundreds of feet high for the amazement of all underneath their spectacle. These traditions bring us closer together as a families, communities, a culture and as a nation. Throughout this mix of festivities the purpose of celebration may be lost to the majority of those participants. Family Eating An Al Fresco Meal

Independence Day is meant to commemorate many of our liberties that we enjoy in this country. These freedoms are afforded to us by other men and women who dedicated their lives toward these ideals. Even though we celebrate with various types of fares and showcases, it’s especially important to remember the lives given in order for us to take part in our daily liberties.

Heroes at home are just as important to remember as heroes on the battlefront. Recently, 19 firefighters were tragically killed while combating a 2,000+ acre wildfire in Arizona. These men were described as “the elite.” Our protection and safety are afforded to us by the men and women who put on their uniform respective uniforms daily. Whether they are the police, firefighters or soldiers they’re a major reason why we enjoy the lifestyle we so choose.

Among our holiday fun-fare, let us remember the reasons that we are protected and what was and is sacrificed for our independence.

At the Walton Group Inc. our specialty and passion is to get businesses additional exposure to the public in order to grow. We do this is the most efficient and effective ways that we can through a communication process between your company and consumers.

1) First we research what your company is in need of. Whether it’s media exposure, marketing resources or advertising we can help you secure that space. Without finding the source of the problem that may be causing you to to plateau, you may never reach your full potential.

2) After discovering what will help your business grow we then have to plan to  make that so. Proper planning and getting every bit of logistics on paper makes the actual realization of the goals more effective.

3) The execution is what makes all the hard work of research and planning come to life. Through event planning, advertising, and media relations we can help you hit your target audience with the clear and concise message that defines your product or service.

4) Evaluation is essential to improving our strategies and, in turn, will help you when we have the fortune of working with you again on another project.

All too often “spinning” is associated with public relations. At the Walton Group Inc. it’s not our job to cover up or make light of something that may harm your public persona. We take what is at the heart of your businesses message and put it on the front of the public to give your brand the attention it deserves.

Online media is as rich as it has ever been. A lot of emphasis is put on the importance to connect with audiences through Facebook, Twitter and other social media feeds. But when consumers want to go to the direct source to find out what a company or a product is they go to Google to find the website. A website should be the central hub for all online communications that a company has with its public. By creating consistent content for your website in new ways you can have better connection with your target audience. Here are some ideas to achieve that.

1) Pictures are an excellent way to give a real face to your business. Showing who you are and what you do makes the mystery of your company fade away so that your consumers can know who you are. Make sure that they are up to date; anyone can sense an old photo from a newer one.

2) With current photos comes current videos. It has never been easier to post an event, a product tutorial or a simple introduction to your company to the #1 hosting site YouTube. Easily embed your website with that video to create a richer experience for your visitors.

3)  Podcasts are an easily accessible form of media that is often overlooked and under-utilized. You have a specialty and whatever that is you’re an expert at it; otherwise you wouldn’t be in business. With podcasts you can share those nuggets of wisdom that you collected over the years to share with your listeners. It may seem daunting but here are some simple steps and tips to publish one onto iTunes.

Embedding all of these into your website will make for a more connection with your consumer base that you have never had before.

The Provo Beach Resort, Utah County’s premier California lifestyle destination, will be hosting  the  Relay For Life kick off starting at 6:00 on Friday, May 24.  The kick off will be an opportunity for community members to get information regarding the Relay for Life and for teams to register for the relay. The relay itself will take place in the Shops At Riverwoods August 9, 2013 and will raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society.

“This is a great way for families to connect while participating in a good cause” Jay Roberts, Provo Beach Resort general manager said.   “Relay For Life  is a great way to kick off the summer.”

The relay kick off will start right after the Shops at Riverwoods Splash Pad Party which starts at 4 p.m. and continues until 6 p.m.  The event will feature a DJ, games, balloon animals, a bouncy houses and a visit from BYU’s Cosmo, with an outdoor movie to follow at 9 p.m. in the gazebo and end at 11 p.m.  The Shops at Riverwoods will be showing “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.”

The Provo Beach Resort’s focus is to provide quality, wholesome recreational activities to help families strengthen relationships. They also understand the responsibility that businesses have to give back to their community and raise awareness of significant issues. Corporate social responsibility runs deep within Provo Beach Resort’s mindset and they hope that their example will resonate throughout the Utah Valley community.

Provo Beach Resort will be hosting events throughout the summer that are focused on building and strengthening families in Utah County.


If you’ve been in the business for quite a while your logo may be in need of either a freshening up or a whole new redesign. You may not be the graphic design gurus like our friends at Iishi Design, but everyone knows a good logo when they see it. These basic indicators can help you brainstorm ideas for your revived logo.

1) Colors have multitudes of meanings and emotions behind them. Whatever color you use for your logo, make sure it equates with your company’s personality and presence.

2) Simplicity. Think of any globally recognized brand and their logo. What do they have in common? Whether it’s Coca-Cola’s minimal cursive, Nike’s swoosh or McDonald’s arches they’re simplicity makes a lasting impression on us and helps us remember the company’s mission.

3) Uniqueness. What will make your logo (and by effect, your company) stand out above the rest? If your logo is exactly like others, the mission of having one in the first place is dead on arrival. Make certain that it’s distinguishable enough to stand-out, but not too much to alienate.

4) Makes sense.  Apple’s logo is an apple. Not because they sell apples, it’s just the name of their company. You don’t have to be that literally with yours, but make sure it has something to do with your company’s objectives.

5) Answers the who, what and why. Along these lines, your logo should acknowledge who your product is for, what you do and why the public should take notice of you.

Hopefully you will have a few ideas of your own to help your logo be well known as the other top dogs. For the history of logos click this link.

On average, a person receives 3,000- 20,000 commercial message per day. Among all this noise,  it’s hard out there for an advertiser to be heard. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when managing your advertising plan.

1) Know who your target audience is. Like talking face-to-face, you’ll talk to various types of people differently than the other one. Younger people may like a more playful approach in their ads, while an older crowd may like a more straight-forward one. Know who your product is for then get their attention.

2) Contrary to popular belief, the goal of advertising isn’t just for consumers to buy your product. It may be the long term goal, yes. Your primary goal is to leave enough of an impression on your customer so that they will have a good feeling about your product. This will help them in their purchasing decisions later on down the road.

3) Try different mediums! Is the regular, black and white 4×6 ad in the newspaper make you feel like you’re flushing your money away? With smartphones and abundant of wi-fi spots there are many other ways of reaching your consumers literally at your fingertips. And it’s less expensive and more measurable than tradition formats.

Whatever you do, don’t talk down to your potential consumers; talk with  them. Connection is the key to advertising and promotion. Let the public know who you are through various inventive ways.